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Welcome to Online Computer Deals, currently featuring the best deals on Dell personal computer products. Whether you need a desktop PC for work purposes, a laptop for gaming, or a new set of speakers for your existing system, or if you are a first-time buyer, you will be able to find all the information on Dell products and services you need here.

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Dell Electronics & Accessories

As well as selling computers and laptops, Dell have a huge range of Electricals & Accessories, ranging from Televisions to Digital Cameras. They have some of the best prices available online and they have all of the tops brands including Sony, Phillips, Canon and Tom Tom.

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Televisions Digital Cameras Satellite Navigation

Dell have a huge range of Televisions online with some very competitive prices. They have televisions from 30" through to 42" and all the top brands including Sony, Toshiba and Phillips.

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Dell also have a big range of Digital Compact Cameras, Digital SLR Cameras and Video Camcorders. Again, they have some really competitve prices on all of the top brands.

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If you are after a Satellite Navigation system then check out what Dell has to offer. They have ranges from both Tom Tom and Garmin with some truely great prices.

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About Dell

Dell have built their business on the reputation gained by their unique sales model, and have been selling computers directly to consumers since 1984 – with Dell you choose a computer package to suit your needs and specifications. Buying from Dell is not the same as simply buying a computer from any other online store. You get to decide on how fast it runs and what it can do, you get to select a computer from a broad range of customisable systems; you get to choose what goes inside.

At Online Computer Deals, we provide information on Dell's leading computer products and provide a guide on how to get the best from Dell and what things you should consider before you make a purchase, depending on what sort of computer you want and what you will be using it for.

Why Buy Dell?

Dell have a reputation for the quality of their products and their direct-sales model, meaning as you purchase direct from the company from their website, and not through a separate retailer; this means that any questions or problems you have concerning any Dell product can be directed straight to Dell and dealt with faster.

You have the freedom to browse Dell products on their website at your leisure and assess all the information with ease. There is no sales talk or pressure to buy, and if you can't find exactly what you want in the specific Dell packages on offer, you have the ability to customise your order by adding and removing any additional features or hardware, allowing you to create a Dell package that suits your requirements.

Every Dell desktop and laptop order is built to your specification, so if you want a high-powered games machine, a fast word processor, or a video editing suite, with Dell you get what you ask for.

Each computer order processed at Dell's UK site will be expertly assembled and every order goes through a meticulous testing process to ensure that all the programs components work together correctly and your machine functions as it should before it is marked for delivery.

Even after you have made your purchase and your computer has arrived at home, Dell customers also have access to technical support for their machine online or over the phone, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How to buy a Dell

Choose Your Machine

Buying a PC from Dell online is different from buying one in the high street. When buying from Dell, you are afforded a degree of control over what you get. Rather than having to buy a computer with a pre-set amount of memory and a pre-configured set up, you are able to effectively build your computer from scratch. You decide on the processor speed, hard drive size, monitor size, number of speakers, memory size, what type of graphics card goes into your computer, all depending on what you want to use your computer for.

Dell offer their customers the ability to build up a complete package around a single separate computer tower, with no peripheral attachments, or select from a range of fully set-up desktop and laptop computer packages, certain features of which can be customised to suit their needs.

After browsing through the selection of machines on offer, and deciding on the one that you want, you click through to a screen where you can add and remove features; customising an order on Dell's website is quick and easy – after selecting the order that most resembles what you are after, you can easily change individual components such as processors, monitors, memory or whatever you want on the online order form.

The form allows you to tell what components you can and can't mix, and what needs to be changed if a feature you want to include is incompatible with your current configuration – i.e. if having the Premium version of Windows Vista is a must-have requirement, then you might have to add more memory to your order.

Choose your Dell based on what you intend to use it for and where.

Playing Games

If you want a computer solely to play games on, then you should seriously consider buying a Dell XPS desktop or laptop. They are the most expensive computers available from Dell, but they are worth it for the sheer processing speed and amounts of memory available which will be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

XPS desktops have a slight edge over laptops in the graphics department as their visual capabilities can be enhanced by purchasing a big monitor, extra speakers and installing a graphics card – laptops are nearly impossible to upgrade in this way due to the nature of their design, although external hard drives and speakers can be added if space restrictions are an issue or want a gaming machine that's more portable than a desktop PC.

Having said that, gaming laptops are fast becoming popular items, as they can now come close to matching desktops in terms of graphical power, and have the added bonus of portability, although the large amount of battery drain running games places on a laptop means that you would any lose the benefit of your machine being portable as you would have to be playing near a power supply.

Playing and Editing Music and Movies

If you intend to store a large amount of music of movie files, for the purposes of editing or just general entertainment, then the most crucial thing to consider when looking for a computer is memory. The more memory you have, the more information (tracks, edits, recorded audio/video, etc) you can store.

Additionally, a fast processor is also required, as if you are working with large amounts of data, you will want your computer to be able to retrieve information in as fast a time as possible. Computers with dual-core or multi-core processor units are more useful for multi-tasking than a single powerful processor unit as, theoretically, they are more efficient, as the workload would be handled by more than one component.

In terms of peripheral attachments, if you want to be either watching or editing movies then, a large monitor with a high resolution is a must – if you are editing anything – this goes for editing audio too – you many want to consider purchasing one or more extra monitors so that you have more screen space on which to arrange multiple windows.

Purchasing extra speakers is also a good idea, for purposes of listening back to recorded audio, and again, for general entertainment. External speakers are also essential for playing music on laptops, as the built-in speakers that they come with rarely provide decent quality audio output. If you want to be able to transfer music files on your computer to and from a portable music player, make sure that you will be able to connect with your Dell computer.

If you want a machine that you want just to be able to play music and movies for entertainment purposes, then it might be more advantageous for you to go for a laptop instead of a desktop PC. Dell laptops in the Entertainment range come equipped with more than enough memory to be able to store an extensive music library, and you can pick and choose from a selection of extra speakers, meaning you can effectively turn your laptop into a portable sound system.

Photo and Image Editing

A big screen (19" to 20" minimum, but the bigger, the better) with a high resolution (dpi) is essential for editing images, as you will want to be able to view the images you are working on at the best possible quality.

You should also consider investing in a decent graphics card if you are going to be retouching photo-quality images. This means that your computer will be able to display a greater range of colours and tones.

As many graphics cards are designed for enhancing the visuals on the latest games platforms, it is not important that you get the most expensive one out there. However, if you are going to be playing games on your PC as well as edit images, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and go for the best one available.

A Dell Entertainment Desktop from the range, possibly with some extra memory, or a laptop from either the Entertainment or High Performance range would be a good choice, but if you want a machine to be able perform other functions as well as edit images, then you should consider adding more memory and a faster processor, or opting for something with a bit more power instead.

Word Processing and Data Management

If you are after a computer to handle office-based tasks such as word processing, data handling and spreadsheets etc, then you are probably better off opting for any of the computers in either of the Home Essentials ranges. As tasks such as these do not require a comparatively large amount of memory to run, you won't have to fork out a large amount if you want a machine that is going to be purely dedicated to writing documents and spreadsheets.

Optical drives on Dell Home Essentials machines are capable of playing DVDs and CDs, so you can use your machine for work and entertainment purposes, although consider getting a bigger hard drive and more memory if you have a particularly large music collection.

Students, who may be living in halls or similar accommodation may find that a laptop for word processing may be good, as the machine takes up less space, and can be charged up and taken into lecture halls, libraries, IT suites, etc.